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Non Attorney Disability Advocate vs. Disability Attorney

Disablilty Advocates MassachusettsAs Social Security Disability Advocates, we pride ourselves on taking cases at the initial application and working on them fervently to achieve a favorable decision quickly.

Should your disability claim be denied at the initial application, we file an appeal called a reconsideration.  In comparison to many large Social Security lawyer groups, we take a different approach - reviewing past medicals, and updating new medical information, along with other tests and or forms that we use.  We are then in contact with a new group of examiners, speaking with them, and hoping to obtain a favorable decision at this application.

The hearing application is the 3rd appeal that would be filed if the first two were denied. We file the hearing application on your behalf, send for new updated medical information which we submit to the Hearings office. If we feel your disability meets the criteria that allows for an early favorable decision, we will seek a favorable decision before your case gets assigned to a Judge.  This could save you 7 to 12 months of waiting.  Not every disability meets the criteria for this type of decision, and it is sometimes necessary for the Judge to actually meet with, and speak to you and us with regard to your disability.

If you file the hearing application on your own, this means that both your initial application as well as your reconsideration application were denied.  Chances are that you either tried to win the case by yourself, or, who ever was helping you was not effective.

When your hearing date is assigned, if you don't have representation, more than likely, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will advise you to obtain advocacy from either a Social Security non attorney representative or a Social Security attorney. The ALJ will then postpone your hearing date. 

The hearing office will give you a list of both Social Security attorneys as well as Social Security non attorney representatives(advocates).  If you choose a disability attorney (especially from a large firm), you may never get to meet him or her until the actual date of your new hearing.  Any and all paperwork that you need to sign is mailed to you with a return envelope - no personal attention.  At the hearing, you'll have no idea who your disability attorney is until he or she calls out your name. We are there for you, every step of the way, unlike some of the larger private disability law firms.

We, as Social Security Disability Advocates, insist on meeting with you long before the hearing. We listen to your story, send for all your medical information and decide the best way to proceed.  By the time your new hearing is assigned, we know your case inside and out, and what’s more……you know us.

All WE do is Social Security Disability Advocacy. The choice is clear.

Ask the right questions when you are trying to decide between a Non Attorney Disability Advocate vs. Disability Attorney.

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